COLORBOND® fencing 

COLORBOND® Steel fences are a fantastic fencing option for a variety of reasons.  With clean, crisp lines, COLORBOND® fencing looks great from both sides of the fence.  With so many colour choices and design options available, you can come up with a fencing solution that’s in perfect harmony with your building and outdoor area.


The pre-painted finish is designed to stand the test of time and won’t need repainting every few years like other fencing options, and won’t rot or be eaten away by termites.  COLORBOND® steel doesn’t burn so it can help protect your property during a bushfire.  COLORBOND® Steel is back by a 10 year warranty from BlueScope Steel.

We are a proud supplier and installer of PermaSteel COLORBOND® Fencing and Lysaght COLORBOND® Steel Fencing in a range of designs.